About Cordinnate

Cordinnate is a population health management operating system. This cloud-base technology platform allows for a more seamless process for conducting patient care coordination and care management in and out of the field (in the communities where patients reside). It is a platform built around team-based care, mainly for the care team members that are extensions of the physician/practitioner.


What We Do

portfolio-01A. For Providers

We support providers with proper and accurate documentation of patient care coordination data to provide actionable insights at the point of care, collaborate across care teams, and achieve better health outcomes.

portfolio-02B. For Payers

We support with facilitating integration and collaboration among payers, providers, and members to manage member experience, health risks, costs, and compliance.

Let us show you how Cordinnate provides you with a solution to link care team communication silos by capturing relevant population health management data for actionable patient centered care coordination.


Who We Are

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Linking Care Team Communication Silos